7 post ideas for Social Media

Used well, social media can positively affect your business by creating new customer connections and strengthen the relationships that already exist. Many fail to take advantage of these opportunities because they get stuck on what to post about. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

1.) Unique Job Pictures: When you’ve completed a job, one with unique characteristics, a notable location, or with a notable company, post pictures.  If you’re replacing an old system or even refurbishing, take before and after photos to post. Continually update with the progress you’ve made.

2.) Help Wanted Messages: In search of people to fill vacancies within your company? Post your help wanted messages on your social media pages. Write your ads with a dual purpose. You want to focus on the positive attributes that a prospective employee or potential customer would find attractive.

3.) New Hire Pictures: Along with posting about job vacancies within your company, you’ll want to create posts about the new people who join your company. Have them talk a little bit about themselves and what they look forward to most in the future with the company.

4.) Company outings: It’s important to set up company outings to get to know your employees in a relaxed setting. Make it your mission to take lots of photos and post about how much you appreciate all their hard work.

5.) Happy Birthday/ Work Anniversaries: Post birthday or anniversary messages to the individuals page as well as posting it on your company page.

6.) Company Awards: When you receive recognition or win an award, post about it often. From the moment you win an award, your company is officially an award-winning one.

7.) Community Volunteering: When employees volunteer in your community, ask for photos and talk about how they were giving back. It doesn’t always have to be involved with the company, but it does display the community involvement of your team.

Microsoft’s Progress for Energy Efficient Data Centers

This week marked the launch of Phase 2 in Microsoft’s Project Natick. Project Natick is an underwater data center. This time they have partnered with the European Marine Energy Center to launch of the Orkney Islands in Scotland. The project’s objective is to find solutions to the sustainability of data centers. Phase 1 began in 2015 on the United States Pacific coast. Phase 1 was developed as a lights-out data center meaning the center is completely isolated limiting human access and environmental fluctuations. This eliminates the unnecessary use of energy to light the space and for maintaining climate control of the space. The design in equal to a large shipping container and inside it holds about 864 servers on 12 racks. Natick is the first time a commercial data center has been powered by marine renewable energy.


Many data centers currently rely on energy-intensive cooling systems to keep their space at ideal operating temperatures. According to a government study in the UK, data centers use 70 kW hours of electricity, which equals about 1.8 percent of the country’s total energy consumption. Microsoft is hoping to take their research from this project and develop new ways to limit the energy costs and environmentally-friendly facilities.


As of now, the Natick team will monitor the data center while it’s submerged for five years. Their goals are to use this prototype as a center for developing much larger underwater data centers in the future. To power this prototype using renewable energy, particularly marine. To show that lights out datacenter can last up to the end of the 5-year cycle. And to explore solutions the off less resource intensive options.